About Us

Ever wondered what babies are trying to convey with their beautiful babbling and cute gestures? We have! If only we understood why they are laughing their hearts out or crying in the middle of the night or being cranky in the middle of a shopping centre, life could be so much easier!

BabyStory was born with this in mind - as a way of expressing babies’ thoughts and babble in a playful and cheeky way. Having a passion for art and design instilled the idea that turned out into designing outfits for babies with most of our designs reflecting this thought. While we were at it, we also understood the struggles of a parent trying to find something that will be comfortable for the baby to wear, soft on their sensitive skin, have a no-hassle change over and above all, the lil bub to look amazing in the outfit! This is why immense care and attention to detail goes into the designs we end up making - be it the pristine high quality organic cotton fabric, the patterns, embroideries, hand sketches and designs used, or even the quality of threads used for stitching and the two-way zip which comes standard in all our growsuits/onesies.

All our products have been manufactured ethically and our Organic Cotton is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Buy and try them out on your baby or share it as a gift! We are more than confident that the little one will love every inch of it!